Fetch Any Data in Your MCC with this Google Ads Script

One of the most useful Google Ads scripts I’ve ever used was this script made by Frederick Vallaeys of Optimyzr.com

I basically used it as a way to export Google Ads data into Google Sheets, and eventually connecting that Sheet to Data Studio, whenever the default connector was missing specific metrics. (I’m looking at you, Placement report.)

However, the script’s biggest limitations was that it can only get data from one Google Ads account at a time. If you have an MCC, then you’ll have to set the script up per account, and then have each account export to a separate sheet.

As such, it’s not very efficient to use in cases when you want to fetch all the metrics from several accounts inside an MCC for a combined total. 

This led me to make some tweaks on the original script to allow it to export data from all–or some–of the Google Ads accounts inside an MCC. And in the spirit of the original script, it’s free for everyone to use. 

Important Notes:

  1. This is designed for MCCs that contain small- to medium-sized Google Ads accounts only. Take note that instead of exporting entire sheets, this script will export contents row-by-row. So if you’re pulling too much data, the script can time out before finishing the entire export.

  2. If you want to pull data from all accounts, simply remove Line 12 and edit Line 11 to AdsManagerApp.accounts(); only

The script: